DIIV's Devin Ruben Perez Accused of Making Offensive Remarks Online

DIIV's Devin Ruben Perez Accused of Making Offensive Remarks Online
While DIIV is most closely associated with the work of frontman Zachary Cole Smith, the project is also a full live band, and bassist Devin Ruben Perez has ended up in the centre of a rather public scandal surrounding some offensive posts he reportedly made on the online bulletin board 4chan.

While many 4chan users post anonymously, Perez (pictured above, second from the right) evidently began posting under the name Devin-Chan, with some of the posts dating back weeks or months. The blog Sexism in Music [via Pitchfork] captured some of the comments he made, and they're decidedly distasteful. They include referring to electronic musician Zomby with the n-word, using a homophobic slur in regards to Jake Gyllenhaal, making a joke about Jewish people, using the b-word while discussing Perfect Pussy's Meredith Graves, and saying that he found Grimes unattractive.

In response to these comments being made public, Smith made numerous tweets condemning "bigotry of any kind." He wrote that Perez "is NOT a racist," but added that racist, sexist or homophobic slurs "have no place anywhere no matter the context." As for Perez, he made another 4chan post expressing regret for some of his comments.

There's no confirmation that Perez has been or will be fired from the band, but Smith confirmed that he is "talking to him. a lot to say/ask." He added, "my band contain(ed) an internet troll," the parenthetic past tense suggesting that Perez may be out of the band.

See the tweets below.