David Vertesi "Loud Talker"

David Vertesi 'Loud Talker'
David Vertesi is perhaps best known as the bassist of Vancouver pop outfit Hey Ocean!, and he's also lent his talents to the likes of Shad, Hannah Georgas and Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party. He'll be releasing a new solo album in 2015, and he's now premiering the song "Loud Talker."

As you'll hear below, the track is an atmospheric country rock number with a wordless pop hook that shifts into low-key, deeply crooned, atmospheric ballad.

"'Loud Talker' is one of those songs that just wrote itself," Vertesi said in a statement. "I basically sang the whole thing on the floor of a friend's basement after a really simple but amazing summer evening. As life becomes faster and faster paced I find it isn't the birthdays, career advances, or life accomplishments that are most memorable, but the rare moments when things stand still and I can just be. When the water is calm, there's nothing to do, nowhere to be, and nobody to call — those are the moments I long for."

Scroll past Vertesi's upcoming tour schedule to hear it. This upcoming album will be the follow-up to his previous solo effort, 2010's Cardiography.

Tour dates:

10/15 Calgary, AB - Village Brewery *
10/17 Edmonton, AB - Mercury Lounge *
10/18 Saskatoon, SK - Underground Café *
10/19 Regina, SK - Artful Dodger *
10/20 Lethbridge, AB - The Slice *
10/21 Kelowna, BC - The Habitat *^
10/22 Vancouver, BC - Anza Club *^

* with Rosie June
^ with Windmills