Dave East Pepper Sprayed by Police After Montreal Concert

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Dec 19, 2023

Dave East was hit with pepper spray in Montreal after his concert at Le Rouge Bar last night culminated in an altercation with the police. 

It's still unclear what led to the police being in Le Rouge, but, as documented in a series of videos captured by witnesses, East initially acknowledged their presence while he was still on stage. 

"The boys is in this motherfucker. I don't want no problems," he says, before alluding to the fact that he's just recently been allowed to cross the border into Canada again following several brushes with the law over the last decade. 

According to Complex, the police proceeded to tell a concertgoer in French that they'd be searching everyone at the show. 

The videos then cut to a crowd outside the bar surrounding East as he argues with the cops, who, seemingly unprompted, pepper spray East and people around him before appearing to spray indiscriminately into the crowd behind them. 

Upon seeing the videos online, fans are speculating that the veteran rapper, who was in town performing on the heels of his latest album 30 for 30 might not be back in Montreal any time soon. 

Thus far, East and the Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal have yet to comment. 

Watch videos of the altercation and complete series of events below.

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