Danzig to Reissue "Who Killed Marilyn?" and "Black Hell"

Danzig to Reissue 'Who Killed Marilyn?' and 'Black Hell'
We're still in the dark as to when Glenn Danzig will actual deliver his long-promised covers record, not to mention his next album of original material, but the metal vet reports that he's repackaging some older songs for a pair of releases this spring.

A post on Danzig's website reveals that he's set to issue the first standalone release of "Black Hell," the song he had prepped for 2011 comedy The Hangover Part II. While the track led off the soundtrack release for the film, this will be the first time the single is being marketed as a Danzig release. It'll be issued sometime in April on 12-inch and CD.

Longtime collectors will also be glad to know that Danzig is giving his 1981 solo single "Who Killed Marilyn?" its first official pressing in over 30 years. Originally issued through Plan 9, both the first pressing of the 7-inch and a 1983 repress on purple vinyl are commanding hefty sale prices on the online resell market.

The single featured the title cut on the A-side and "Spook City U.S.A." on the flip. The upcoming re-release is also expected to be delivered on 12-inch and CD, but it's unclear if this means that there will be additional material added to the bigger platter.

The post once again promises that the covers LP is on the way, though a due date has not been affixed to the project. It's also suggested that Danzig may go out on tour this year, though dates have not yet been confirmed.