Danzig Forced to Reschedule Shows Due to Tour Bus Shortage

The unavailability (and pricing) of busses is just one of the COVID-19 pandemic impacts touring musicians have to contend with

Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 10, 2023

Glenn Danzig may have proclaimed that he was "done" touring last year, but who listens to a thing that guy says anyway? Danzig the band are most certainly heading on the road later this month to celebrate the 35th anniversary of their self-titled debut album — but they have to reschedule some of those shows because of the tour bus shortage.

"Due to the current tour bus shortage, we are forced to move the Las Vegas and SoCal shows to the end of the tour," the band wrote in a Facebook post, announcing that the concerts would now take place at the Theater at Virgin Hotels on September 22 and the Toyota Arena on September 23, respectively.

The struggle to secure a tour bus has never been more real for musicians. Obviously, as soon as pandemic restrictions lifted, they were chomping at the bit to get back on tour — and the ongoing lack of busses available means the companies that own them are raising their rental prices.

According to a recent Billboard report, it's pricing some artists completely out of touring and making it all the more difficult for DIY acts to level up their live shows as they gain traction.

This is just one of the many factors (not to mention inflation, health issues, people throwing things, merch cuts, visas, COVID-19 safety protocols, etc.) that have made touring in the pandemic era what Lorde referred to as a "demented struggle to break even or face debt."

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