Daniel Lopatin Uncut Gems

Daniel Lopatin Uncut Gems
Dreams and aspirations in synth format. Soaring goals and idealized visions of a personal future, creating tension and conflict in an attempt to actualize itself.
The Uncut Gems soundtrack from Daniel Lopatin (better known to music fans as Oneohtrix Point Never), is an album to make you feel like the stakes are high, appropriately for the score of a film about gambling and debt. Similar to Lopatin's last collaboration with directors the Safdie brothers on the score for 2017's Good Time, the music in Uncut Gems is at times tranquil ("Pure Elation") and at other times strained ("School Play").
Not only does this collection of music have a cinematic quality that lends it its soundtrack purpose, it also stands alone as an engaging set of songs and motifs on their own. Pensiveness oozes from the cracks as the journey continues, with dreams giving way to a gritty reality more and more, as the album grounds itself nearing its conclusion, before finally giving way to a moment of ecstasy at the end, almost like a dream realized.
Utilizing a variety of different sound palettes, from glossy synths to pounding drums and chanting voices, Lopatin uses the Uncut Gems score to give the listener effective moments of tension, dreamlike airiness and triumph, all in equal measure, making the listening a journey all in itself. (Warp)