Oneohtrix Point Never Good Time OST

Oneohtrix Point Never Good Time OST
You'd be hard pressed to find a better composer than Oneohtrix Point Never (aka Daniel Lopatin) to tackle the grimness of the Robert Pattinson-starring film Good Time, but he more than delivers here, turning in a phenomenal score that reflects the film's depiction of society's blemished underbelly — in fact, the album recently won the Best Soundtrack Award at Cannes.
There's no doubt Good Time OST absolutely sounds like a movie score, but every single track here stands on its own, providing an intensely emotional punch to the gut. Oneohtrix does a remarkable job of taking the film's bruised and battered content and translating it into a sonic mix that dislodges any grip on reality, an echoing instability that truly shakes you. It's murky while ethereal, poignant and distressing, stretching out sounds and blasts of synths until the cacophony is inside your head.
The brilliant score closes on the beautifully haunting "The Pure and the Damned," featuring vocals written and performed by Iggy Pop, and the only vocals on the score save for punctuations of grizzly dialogue from the film. It's a huge departure from the static and synth the rest of the album serves, with simple piano chords that brim with the cacophonous swell of subtle synths and the warble of Iggy Pop.
Do yourself a favour and pick this album up. (Warp)