D'Angelo Releases 'Black Messiah'

D'Angelo Releases 'Black Messiah'
When D'Angelo announced his long-anticipated album Black Messiah a couple of days ago, we initially didn't know when it would be coming out. Well, it turns out that the album will be out a whole lot sooner than we anticipated: it will be available at midnight tonight (December 15) on iTunes.

Black Messiah premiered this weekend at a New York listening party, and the single "Sugah Daddy" emerged online. At the listening party, lyric sheets were handed out; these revealed that the album features contributions from Funkadelic's Kendra Foster, ?uestlove, Q-Tip and more.

Above is D'Angelo's explanation for why the album is called Black Messiah. See the tracklist below, and hear "Sugah Daddy" below that.

This whirlwind release of a long-awaited album reminds us of My Bloody Valentine, who released m b v just days after confirming that it was finally finished.

UPDATE: You can now stream the entire album at the bottom of the page via Spotify and buy it on iTunes here.

Black Messiah:

1. Ain't That Easy
2. 1000 Deaths
3. The Charade
4. Sugah Daddy
5. Really Love
6. Back in the Future (Part I)
7. Till It's Done (Tutu)
8. Prayer
9. Betray My Heart
10. The Door
11. Back in the Future (Part II)
12. Another Life