Damon Albarn Details Africa Express Album 'Maison Des Jeunes'

Damon Albarn Details Africa Express Album 'Maison Des Jeunes'
Last month, we learned that Blur/Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn had assembled a crack team to work on a new Africa Express album. Now, more details from that record have emerged.

Titled Africa Express Presents: Maison Des Jeunes, the album features collaborations with Malian musicians and Albarn alongside Brian Eno, Nick Zinner, Holy Other, actor Idris Elba, Holy Other and many more. The recordings took place at a temporary studio that was set up in a youth club called, fittingly, Maison Des Jeunes.

Maison Des Jeunes will be available digitally on December 9 via Transgressive, with a physical release coming next year. Check out the tracklisting below, aloing with a video for the song "Soubour" by Songhoy Blues and Nick Zinner.

Africa Express Presents: Maison Des Jeunes:

1. Adama Koita: "Fantainfalla Toyi Bolo" (prod. by Two Inch Punch)
2. Songhoy Blues: "Soubour" (prod. by Nick Zinner & Remi Kabaka)
3. Ghostpoet feat. Doucoura: "Season Change" (prod. by Two Inch Punch & Damon Albarn)
4. Bijou: "Dougoudé Sarrafo" (prod. by Damon Albarn)
5. Lil Silva: "Bouramsy" (prod. by Lil Silva)
6. Talbi: "Rapou Kanou" (prod. by Two Inch Punch)
7. Gambari ft. Kankou Kouyaté: "Yamore" (prod. by Damon Albarn)
8. Yacouba Sissoko Band: "Chanson Denko Tapestry" (prod. by Brian Eno)
9. Lobi Traoré Band: "Deni Kelen Be Koko" (prod. by David Maclean)
10. Moussa Traoré: "Farafina" (prod. by Damon Albarn)
11. Tiemoko Sogodogo: "Latégué" (prod. by Brian Eno)