Crown Deathrace King

This is some fun death metal. Those words don't usually go together, but the Crown have done a good job of what Entombed fucked up trying to do - create upbeat, rockin' death metal with campy lyrics. Fast songs that sound like a mix of At the Gates, the Haunted and In Flames, meaning it sounds Swedish and it's got the production to boot. It's fast, catchy and melodic, but can still be called death metal and is way better than almost anything in the Florida death metal genre. The lyrics are a real hootenanny, B-grade "Satan's in the hot rod and you're gonna get run over" type stuff, creating a fun atmosphere and a welcome switch from the usual monotony of death metal lyrics. I wish the disc had been about half as long as it is, since 50 minutes of this will start to wear on the nerves, but it is still recommended. (Metal Blade)