Crown Crowned Unholy

They’ve left us now, but the legacy of the Crown continues with Crowned Unholy. This is a bit confusing, but the real quick story is in 2002 the band recorded one album with Tomas Lindberg singing (The Great Deceiver, ex-At The Gates), Crowned In Terror. The band wasn’t too happy with the recording, and after original singer Johan Lindstrand returned to the fold for 2003’s Possessed 13, they decided to re-record Crowned in Terror, under this new moniker. The vocals are redone, as are minor instrumental re-workings, but the album wasn’t fully re-recorded. The production sounds better, and as for the vocals, it entirely depends on the listener’s personal preference. Hey, they both sound good to me, although I prefer Lindstrand for this kind of death-heavy rock. This version comes with a live DVD, showing the band sweating out a set last year in a small venue in Germany. The camera work has a sort of public access television feel to it, but a great freebie to round out a cool package, albeit one that may or may not be necessary to all but serious Crown fans. (Metal Blade)