Circulatory System "Made a Sound"

Circulatory System 'Made a Sound'
Here's an idea that Jack White doubtless wishes he thought of first: PIAPTK Records has a series of unique CD/vinyl hybrids, which can be played on a CD player but have grooves that work on a record player. Elephant Six combo and Olivia Tremor Control offshoot Circulatory System are taking part in the campaign, and their song "Made a Sound" will appear on one of these unique releases.

The song, which follows close behind the band's 2014 album Mosaics Within Mosaics, is a hazy pop number. It pairs hazy psych vocal melodies with fuzzy, white-noise guitar tones. Throw in some acoustic strums, rhythmic jumble and a ramshackle coda, and it makes for a song that's almost as inventive as the format it's being released on.

Hear it below [via Stereogum].