Cindy Lee "Quit Doing Me Wrong"

Cindy Lee 'Quit Doing Me Wrong'
Former Women member Patrick Flegel is preparing to release a new album under the name Cindy Lee, and if you haven't managed to pick up one of the limited advance copies of Act of Tenderness being sold at Horses Records in Vancouver, then you can tide yourself over until the official October release with the track "Quit Doing Me Wrong."

The song begins with a frightening swell of swirling static. Before too long, the noise melts away, and we're left with a stark soundscape of abstract guitar arpeggios and distant-sounding vocals that are soaked in cavernous reverb.

Act of Tenderness had previously been described as "a fucked up noisy masterpiece." Fucked up and noisy is definitely right. Listen to the track below; it's accompanied by cryptic visuals in which a person's face and upper torso are covered by lines of light.

The album will arrive through CCQSK Enterprises.