Christopher Willits Announces 'OPENING' Visual Album

Christopher Willits Announces 'OPENING' Visual Album
There's a strong visual component to San Francisco electronic composer Christopher Willits's music, so it makes perfect sense that the multimedia artist will be release a visual album. OPENING will be out on September 2 through Ghostly International.

The album consists of seven tracks of ambient music with 45 minutes of video shot over four years. The video employs first-person shots of natural scenes, and a press release compares the style to that of Baraka, Koyaanisqatsi and Planet Earth. There are also seven photo prints that go along with the corresponding scenes and tracks. Images were shot in California, Hawaii, Japan and Thailand.

"There are no actors or dialogue in this film. The audience and their perception is the main character, and everyone's imagination is going to create some meaning that's relevant to their own experience. My intention is to create a space where people can open up and expand into, relax and recharge," Willits said in a statement. "For me, OPENING is about transformation, the experience of changing oneself to be more of who you know you can be, and, ultimately, the joy that comes with that change."

The album can be pre-ordered in various formats here. Prior to September 2, exclusive content will be released through a subscription service at

Scroll past the tracklist below to watch a minute-long trailer, which should give you a taste of the project's serene, meditative tone.





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