Tycho Gets Com Truise, RAC for 'Weather Remixes' Album

Nitemoves, Christopher Willits and Satin Jackets also contribute
Tycho Gets Com Truise, RAC for 'Weather Remixes' Album
Following this year's Simulcast, Tycho will once again revisit 2019 full-length Weather for a new collection of remixes.

The eight-track Weather Remixes touches down December 18 through Mom + Pop/Ninja Tune, and boasts reworks from the likes of Com Truise, Christopher Willits, RAC, Nitemoves, pluko, Harvey Sutherland, Mild Minds and Satin Jackets.

Satin Jackets' remix of "Japan" arrives today alongside the news, and it can be heard below. The German producer born Tim Bernhardt called the chance to put his own spin on the song "a pleasant surprise."

"I have been familiar with [Tycho's] music and always liked the crossover appeal," Bernhardt shared in a statement. "People who listen to my originals know that I love working with singers and Saint Sinner's vocals on 'Japan' were a perfect match and a great pleasure to work with. With my remix, I tried my best to keep the mesmerizing vibes of the original and add a deep, electronic feel to it with a slow but straightforward beat."

This weekend, Tycho will perform as part of the virtual Adult Swim Festival. Read our 2019 Weather interview with Tycho.

Weather Remixes:

1. Easy (Mild Minds Remix)
2. Pink & Blue (RAC Mix)
3. Japan (Satin Jackets Remix)
4. Into The Woods (Christopher Willits Remix)
5. Skate (pluko Remix)
6. For How Long (Harvey Sutherland Remix)
7. No Stress (Com Truise Remix)
8. Weather (Nitemoves Remix)