Christopher Willits Returns with 'Horizon' LP

The album marks the first 3D spatial audio release by Ghostly International
Christopher Willits Returns with 'Horizon' LP
Christopher Willits's 2014 LP OPENING was branded as a visual album, and the multimedia artist has a few more tricks up his sleeve for his next full-length effort. Willits's Horizon, which is described as a spatial audio LP, will arrive on May 19 through Ghostly International.

Eight tracks in length, Horizon is said to surrender to "the sentient fabric of time and space" over the course of its hour-and-a-half runtime. The music will surrounded listeners in any state, thanks to its three-dimensional mix that requires no special software or audio equipment to experience.

Of course, Willits is no stranger to three-dimensional music production, having co-founded spatial audio platform Envelop. His work with the project is said to inform the "deep ambient terrain" of the record, as can be heard on opener "Comet."

Read through the tracklisting to immerse yourself in "Comet" in the player below.


1. Comet 
2. Return 
3. Rising
4. Light and Dark 
5. Simplicity 
6. Rotation 
7. Waipio 
8. Two