Charli XCX Drops 'Brat and it's the same but there’s three more songs so it’s not'

Listen to "Hello goodbye," "Guess" and "Spring breakers"

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jun 10, 2024

Charli XCX released her very good, very fun and very emotional new album Brat this past Friday, and today she's taking a page from (and maybe gently mocking) the Taylor Swift playbook and already releasing a new version of the album featuring three new songs.

The deluxe edition of BRAT is, fittingly and funnily, called Brat and it's the same but there's three more songs so it's not. It features the crush-addled "Hello goodbye," the extremely horny "Guess" and the goofy, summery "Spring breakers."

Charli co-wrote "Guess" with 100 gecs' Dylan Brady and Harrison Patrick Smith, otherwise known as the Dare, and he gets a shoutout on the song. "Hello goodbye" was created with A. G. Cook, while "Spring Breakers" features work from Cook, EasyFun and Jon Shave.

All three songs are fun and solid, though I can understand why they didn't make it onto the official version of BRAT.

Check them out below. 




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