The Casualties Prep Another Dose of "Real Hardcore Punk"

The Casualties Prep Another Dose of 'Real Hardcore Punk'
Do you remember that old chestnut saying punk's not dead? That it will never die? Such is the mentality behind New Jersey-based street punx (yes, that's with an "x") the Casualties. Or at least how it would seem, given that they've been hammering out the supercharged, hardcore-influenced four-chord ditties since 1990. And now, the band have finally completed their eighth release/sixth studio album.

This is number four for resident label SideOneDummy and is to be dubbed, We Are All We Have. The chunk of crusty bombast is slated for store shelves on August 25 and since this is their first release since 2006's Under Attack, many spry squeegee punks will be extra diligent at wiping your windshield this summer.

Discussing how drastically different We Are All We Have is from its predecessors - a little joke there - drummer Mark Eggers had this to say: "[It's] definitely our most diverse album. There's a reggae song on there, there's our staple Casualties anthem sing-alongs, there's some thrash-metal influence in there, so it's all over the place, but still holding on to the true Casualties sound. I think it's what the band needed after six records. Being in different countries just opens your mind to things, It's definitely still way Casualties fuckin' real hardcore punk. It's leaps and bounds from what it was [in the early days] to what it is now. We're not the type of band that would stay stuck in that era."