Canadian Artists Cover Indie Icons for New Jagjaguwar Compilation

Nap Eyes, the Besnard Lakes, Spencer Krug and Pink Mountaintops all contributed to 'Join the Ritual'

BY Kaelen BellPublished Sep 24, 2021

Today, big-time big-indie label Jagjaguwar released its new covers compilation Join the Ritual, which features a handful of Canadians (among others) covering artists that inspired the creation of Jagjaguwar way back in 1996. 

The compilation includes Spencer Krug covering Jad Fair, the Besnard Lakes covering Slint, Nap Eyes taking on Built to Spill and Pink Mountaintops tackling Teenage Fanclub

Other notable covers are Angel Olsen's take on Smog's "Cold Blooded Old Times" and Jamila Woods' previously-shared rendition of Tracy Chapman's iconic "Fast Car."

Join the Ritual is the latest in a string of releases celebrating Jagjaguwar's 25th anniversary, including Dilate Your Heart, a spoken word album from poet Ross Gay that included a collaboration with Bon Iver

Check out Join the Ritual below.

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