The Burning Hell

The Company House, Halifax, NS, October 19

BY Randi BeersPublished Oct 20, 2012

Sometimes it's possible to tell a band is going to have a good stage presence just from hearing their album. The Burning Hell are one of those bands. Mathias Kom's lyrical sense of humour, Ariel Sharratt's clarinet and the band's hybrid of klezmer bluegrass all form the perfect storm for an entertaining show. And an entertaining show it was.

On the stage, Kom rapped a song (surprisingly very well); dedicated different songs to Taylor Swift, the other bands at Halifax Pop Explosion and amateur rappers; and hosted a sing-along to "Everything You Believe Is a Lie".

The band performed songs about a veritable garden variety of different things. The first they performed was about a plane they once took from Sackville to Toronto. Kom went on to sing about being a kid in the '80s, pet euthanasia and being a divorced smoker.

Off the stage, couples were dancing, some were singing along to every word and one guy was fully interpretive dancing to the music. It's clear that the band are much loved on the East Coast.

Hats off to the Burning Hell. They crushed it, but that doesn't come as a surprise.

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