Brian and Roger Eno Ready First Duo Album 'Mixing Colours'

Hear the new song "Celeste" from the pair's debut
Brian and Roger Eno Ready First Duo Album 'Mixing Colours'
Brothers Roger and Brian Eno first recorded together with Daniel Lanois on 1983's Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks, but it's only now that the pair have now readied their first proper duo album 

The Eno brothers will release Mixing Colours through Deutsche Grammophon on March 20.

Roger and Brian began working on compositions that would be included on Mixing Colours as early as 2005, but as the former explained, "We weren't directing this towards an end result — it was like a back-and-forth conversation we were having over a 15-year period." 

"I'd wake up, go straight upstairs, put my equipment on and improvise, then I sent things to Brian that I thought he might be interested in," Roger recalled. "The idea for a full album emerged as the number of pieces kept increasing and the results kept being interesting. It's something that neither of us could have arrived at alone."

A first soundscape from the album, "Celeste," is available to hear below. Mixing Colours is now available for pre-order.

Mixing Colours:

1. Spring Frost
2. Burnt Umber
3. Celeste 
4. Wintergreen
5. Obsidian
6. Blonde
7. Dark Sienna
8. Verdigris 
9. Snow
10. Rose Quartz
11. Quicksilver
12. Ultramarine
13. Iris
14. Cinnabar
15. Desert Sand
16. Deep Saffron
17. Cerulean Blue
18. Slow Movement – Sand