Boxer Rebellion

The Cold Still

BY Jessica LewisPublished Jun 21, 2011

Starting off with "Step Out of the Car," a fast, guitar-driven chase, might have been better for the pace of The Cold Still, rather than "No Harm," a slow, sweeping tune fit for a sad soundtrack moment. The Cold Still is exactly that, giving London, UK's Boxer Rebellion a mope-y, yet dark, angelic aura. The 40 minutes are straight sadness ― there's no other feeling coming through to ease the pain ― and it's mostly due to Nathan Nicholson's vocals. Their type of sweeping, melodic rock can fill large venues. It's not bad, but it's one of those moods you have to be in, not find yourself suddenly dropped into, confused as to where you are, and hopefully not in "Locked in the Basement," where he sings, "Life is never yours to make it; it is always one thing you can't win."

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