Bloc Party Treat 'Silent Alarm' to Expanded Vinyl Reissue

Bloc Party Treat 'Silent Alarm' to Expanded Vinyl Reissue
Just last month news surfaced that a newly revamped lineup of Bloc Party will be releasing their fifth studio album on January 29. Titled Hymns, first single "The Love Within" has already been revealed, as well as a video for it. As exciting as that is, there is more news out of the post-post-punk band's camp that will appease fans who have been longing for a copy of their's debut album on vinyl. After years of being unavailable and fetching prices as steep as $200 on Discogs, Wichita Recordings is finally repressing 2005's Silent Alarm

Voted as Exclaim!'s No. 4 Pop Rocks album of 2005, Silent Alarm introduced the London band to the masses with their inventive guitar sounds, dance thump and the sonic cohesion of a dozen or so genres. Selling more than a million copies worldwide, it's kind of amazing to think that such a defining album of the time ever went out of print on vinyl.

Wichita will reissue Silent Alarm on December 3. Copies of the record will come with a bonus 7-inch that includes non-album single "Little Thoughts" and B-side "Storm and Stress."

You can pre-order Silent Alarm here.

Silent Alarm:

A1. Like Eating Glass
A2. Helicopter
A3. Positive Tension
A4. Banquet 
A5. Blue Light
A6. She's Hearing Voices
A7. This Modern Love
B1. The Pioneers
B2. Price Of Gasoline
B3. So Here We Are
B4. Luno
B5. Plans
B6. Compliments

Bonus 7-inch:

1. Little Thoughts
2. Storm and Stress