Bike Thiefs 'Lean Into It' (EP stream)

Bike Thiefs 'Lean Into It' (EP stream)
We first became acquainted with self-proclaimed "grammatically inept" three-piece Bike Thiefs back in 2015, premiering their video for "Redline." Now, the trio have returned with a new EP titled Lean Into It, which you can hear in its entirety through Exclaim! right now.

Five tracks in length, Lean Into It was recorded over five days with Josh Korody (Weaves, Casper Skulls, Dirty Nil) at Candle Recording. A press release notes that the EP's title comes from a phrase used by comedian Pete Holmes, made in reference to accepting one's own shortcomings.

The mini-effort is said to find the band trading in their "throat tearing vocals and hair flipping riffs in exchange for matter of fact speak-sing vocals and hypnotic drums," putting a trio on display that "would much rather be sincere than intense."

Lyrically, "Cosmetic Damages" deals with "a major asshole getting into a minor car accident," while "Was I At Least Funny?" tackles agoraphobia. First single "Destination Wedding" is said to be "a semi-fictionalized retelling of comedy of errors at a dinner party." Its music video, which you can also find below, features a Monopoly game that gets a little too out of hand.

Take in all of Lean Into It and watch the video for "Destination Wedding" in the players below. The EP officially arrives on Friday (September 29).