Big Sean and Metro Boomin Announce Joint Album 'Double or Nothing'

Big Sean and Metro Boomin Announce Joint Album 'Double or Nothing'
While Big Sean and Metro Boomin are no stranger to collaboration, the pair have announced they have completed an entire collaborative album together. It's called Double or Nothing, and the "surprise album" is apparently "coming soon."

The news comes via a new Billboard piece, with Big Sean and Metro Boomin apparently playing tracks off their new LP for the reporter. Billboard wrote this of Double or Nothing:

Where Metro has been a major force in the mainstream's current fixation on trap, on Double or Nothing he tries his hand at radically different styles and subgenres. Though Metro is much more closely associated with his adopted hometown of Atlanta, his formative years in St. Louis figure prominently on the album, a sort of omnivorous collage that's common in rap production from the middle of the country, from Nelly's early, try-anything records to the delirious eclecticism of 1990s Chicago. On the set, Brazilian jazz samples and would-be blaxploitation themes bump up against one another.

According to Sean, the pair's working relationship — which recently included the joint track "Pull Up N Wreck" and several songs on Sean's 2017 album I DECIDED. — came from a place of mutual respect.

"It ain't about status," Sean told the publication. "It's about what you're bringing to the table: how we're going to progress humanity, how we're going to give people something to work out to, to live to, to upgrade to."

As of yet, Double or Nothing has not secured a release date, but Sean recently tweeted, "I ain't done wit 2017 yet..." So expect the album to drop before the year is out.