Belphegor Return with 'Conjuring the Dead'

Belphegor Return with 'Conjuring the Dead'
Over three years after unleashing their Blood Magick Necromance, demonic Austrian black metal band Belphegor are set to rise again with a new LP. The veteran outfit's Conjuring the Dead materializes into European stores August 8 and in the UK and France on August 11 through Nuclear Blast. A North American release has yet to be announced.

A press release has the band explaining that after taking time off after vocalist Helmuth was recovering from "a severe illness," the band headed out to St. Petersburg, FL's Mana Studios to track their 10th album with producer Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal).

Though track info has yet to be unveiled behind the nine-song release, Blabbermouth reports that titles include "Gasmask Terror," "Rex Tremendae Majestatis," "Take Her, Lucifer!" and "The Inverted Cross." Helmuth, meanwhile, tells fans to "expect more shredding, more magick, [and] more of everything" out of the impending LP.

"For over two years we worked on the nine compositions. We got every arrangement to the highest audio potential, added a lot of new, haunting, and compelling structures/ rhythm parts and tritone intervals," he said, adding of recording in Florida, "The combination of European metal's cold and sick elements crossed with an American brutal sound was the master plan. We're on fire!"

Ahead of Conjuring the Dead's release date, the band are playing a handful of shows across Indonesia and Europe. No dates in North America, mind you, but you'll find the band's international itinerary over here.