Belphegor "Gasmask Terror" (lyric video)

Belphegor 'Gasmask Terror' (lyric video)
Austrian black metal demons Belphegor make their return this summer with the release of Conjuring the Dead, but you can sample some of the blast beat-heavy viciousness of the set early via the release of a lyric video for its "Gasmask Terror."

The earth-shaking single goes for the throat with a series of gun turret-quick guitar work and propulsive, punishing drums. Helmuth, meanwhile, gurgles about beng set to "nuke the world," promising a spray of fire that'll kill any and all naysayers. If you want to survive, you may want to toss on your gas mask before giving the noxious and negative banger a stream.

Conjuring the Dead crops up in North America August 5 via Nuclear Blast.