Bat for Lashes "Under the Indigo Moon" (ft. Beck) (video)

Bat for Lashes 'Under the Indigo Moon' (ft. Beck) (video)
Bat for Lashes songwriter Natasha Khan is the latest artist to get her own clothing line, and she has teamed up with fashion label to YMC to release a video in support of the collection.

Directed by Khan herself, the clip is under two minutes long, and it features a song called "Under the Indigo Moon." This was written with Beck, and features a crunchy electronic beat with wispy synths and sparse vocal coos. The accompanying video is a nostalgic, retro-flavoured affair that shows Khan and a gentleman friend hanging out in Los Angeles and wearing clothes from the line.

See photos from the collection here and watch the video below.

Apparently this may be the last music we hear from Khan in a while, since she's planning to focus on film in the near future. She told Nowness, "I'm writing a screenplay for a short for FilmFour. It's a really dark, gritty, family based drama, with hints of magic realism. We're going into pre-production soon with a view to make it into a feature-length film in the next couple of years. I've got some things up my sleeve with my producer Dan Carey, so I want it to be a music and visual collaboration. I'm going to illustration classes at the moment, and I've got a huge desire to tell stories through film and paintings rather than just music, so Bat For Lashes is on hold for the meanwhile."