Band of Horses

"Casual Party" (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished May 20, 2016

Band of Horses are revving up to reveal Why Are You OK next month, but before the full thing arrives, the band have teased the upcoming album with a new video for "Casual Party."
The clip takes viewers into a party scene that is anything but casual. The band members are joined by guests that seem to be visiting from another planet and range from furry to fuzzy to sparkly, while the food spread offers attendees a choice between a giant ironed fish, a whole raw chicken in the fireplace, and a human charcuterie board of cheese and bologna.
It may not sound like your dream celebration, but everyone in the video seems to be enjoying themselves just fine. Kick off the long weekend by getting weird with the video for "Casual Party" in the player below.
Why Are You OK is due out on June 10.

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