B.A. Johnston Admits 'Shit Sucks' on New Album

B.A. Johnston Admits 'Shit Sucks' on New Album
An album announcement from B.A. Johnston is always worth a chuckle or two, and his latest is no exception. He just issued a rather silly press release confirming that Shit Sucks will be out via Mammoth Cave Recording Co. on February 24.

This 19-song set — which will be available on vinyl, CD, cassette or digital download — was captured by producer Mike O'Neill (the Inbreds). According to the announcement, this album "treads familiar territory for Hamilton's Sweatiest Entertainer. Spirited numbers about sitting on the couch and stealing booze from your mom's liquor cabinet mix with self-effacing tracks about solo pizza parties and the obliteration of Toronto. Quintessential B.A."

Quintessential B.A. indeed — just take a look at that tracklist below, which includes song titles like "IKEA Hotdog," "Nuke Toronto" and "BK Has a New King." At the bottom of the page, listen to the goofball folk-rock ditty "Gonna End Up Working in Fort McMurray," which is about exactly what you'd expect it to be.

Also below, see Johnston's extensive Canadian tour schedule, which runs for two months from the end of February to late April. According to the announcement, "B.A. continues to travel the country in his mother's beloved Toyota Previa minivan. Some say if you utter his name three times in front of a mirror, he will show up at your house, force you to give him nominal cover charge, then 'entertain' you for 25 minutes."

Shit Sucks:

1. Couch Potato Alright
2. I Remember Skinny Jeans the Last Time Around
3. When Is Trash Day?
4. Pizza Party for One
5. I Don't Want to Go to the No Frills
6. Gonna End Up Working in Fort McMurray
7. Bat in the House
8. The Commute
9. Ballad of Wheels
10. IKEA Hotdog
11. Drinking On My Mom's Dime
12. Old and Lame
13. I Want to Love You but I Am Way Too Stupid
14. Nuke Toronto
15. What a Wonderfully Mediocre Day
16. You Can Love Someone and Hate What They Love
17. Shitty Cat
18. BK Has a New King
19. I Am a Dump Bear

Tour dates:

02/27 North Bay, ON - Raven and Republic
02/28 Sudbury, ON - Townehouse Tavern
03/06 London, ON - The Black Shire Pub
03/07 Peterborough, ON - Pig's Ear Tavern
03/13 Guelph, ON - Jimmy Jazz
03/14 Oshawa, ON - Mustache Club
03/20 Toronto, ON - Bovine Sex Club
03/21 Hamilton, ON - This Ain't Hollywood
03/26 Kingston, ON - The Mansion
03/27 Ottawa, ON - House of Targ
03/28 Montreal, QC - Grumpy's
04/02 Thunder Bay, ON - Crocks
04/03 Winnipeg, MB - The Handsome Daughter
04/04 Regina, SK - German Club
04/08 Kelowna, BC - Fernando's Pub
04/09 Nanaimo, BC - The Cambie
04/10 Victoria, BC - Logan's Pub
04/11 Vancouver, BC - The Astoria Pub
04/12 Abbotsford, BC - Aftermath
04/14 Whistler, BC - Moe Joe's
04/16 Prince George, BC - Westwood Pub
04/17 Hinton, AB - The Woodcutter Lounge
04/18 Edmoton, AB - Wunderbar
04/19 Banff, AB - Wild Bill's Legendary Saloon 
04/22 Medicine Hat, AB - Mario's Restaurant & Pub
04/23 Lethbridge, AB - Owl Acoustic Lounge
04/24 Calgary, AB - The Palomino Smokehouse Showroom
04/25 Saskatoon, SK - Amigos