AWOLNATION 'Run' (album stream)

AWOLNATION 'Run' (album stream)
Los Angeles electronic rock band AWOLNATION are set to unleash their sophomore album Run next week, but Exclaim! has got you hooked up with an advanced stream of the new record right now.
Frontman Aaron Bruno took the reins on the upcoming record — writing, performing and producing the entire thing by himself from a studio on the California coastline. "There is not one second on the record that hasn't been thoughtfully placed," Bruno said in a statement. "Every single element serves a purpose." 

Run follows up their debut Megalithic Symphony, which featured the massive radio hit "Sail."
New tracks like "Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)" highlight Bruno's ability to blend genres, mixing in aggressive synths, heavy bass and distorted vocal effects with more traditional rock'n'roll instrumentation.

Listeners are as likely to dance as they are to headbang their way through the new record — even when things take a bit of a darker turn like on "Windows." Bruno's more vulnerable side comes out on "Headrest for My Soul," while his knack for sweeping, cinematic anthems is expressed on tracks like "Jailbreak" and "I Am."
It's an impressive array of sound, and you can hear it all by streaming Run in its entirety below. The album officially lands on March 17 via Red Bull Records and you can see AWOLNATTION's upcoming tour dates here.