Arthur Russell's Power-Pop Band the Necessaries Treated to First-Ever Vinyl Reissue

Arthur Russell's Power-Pop Band the Necessaries Treated to First-Ever Vinyl Reissue
While the late, great Arthur Russell is no stranger to reissues, his work with power-pop group the Necessaries has been more than a little tricky to track down over the years. That will soon change, however, thanks to a new vinyl release.

On September 15, the group's stellar 1982 album Event Horizon will get a vinyl reissue via Be With, marking the first time it has been available on wax since its initial release.

For the unfamiliar, the Necessaries were an extremely short-lived act, which featured Russell, close friend Ernie Brooks of the Modern Lovers, drummer Jesse Chamberlain and vocalist/guitarist Ed Tomney. In the early '80s, the group signed to Sire, first releasing the Big Sky LP in 1981.

Soon after, the group then released Event Horizon in 1982. Rather strangely, Event Horizon was in fact a rework of Big Sky and contained several tracks originally included on the band's debut, while adding a series of new songs as well.

Along with writing much of the band's material, Russell contributed vocals to the Necessaries, with Tomney serving as the group's second main songwriter and vocalist.

The Necessaries didn't last long, however. Following a huge lack of commercial success, Russell became increasingly frustrated with the band and effectively killed the project, and he did so in an extremely abrupt manner. While the Necessaries were on their way for what they viewed as a critical show in New York, Russell infamously bailed on the group mid-trip, jumping out of the car at the Holland Tunnel and effectively leaving his bandmates high and dry.

The Event Horizon reissue will not contain any bonus tracks or those from Big Sky, and recreate the original 12-song tracklist from Event Horizon. The reissue will, however, feature restored album artwork by Simon Francis and new liner notes by Mikey IQ Jones. The reissue will arrive on 180-gram vinyl.

Event Horizon was produced by cult NYC music figure Bob Blank, as well as features frequent Russell collaborator Peter Zummo on trombone during the song "Sahara."

You can stream the entire album below.

Event Horizon:

A1. Rage
A2. More Real
A3. Like No Other
A4. Driving And Talking At The Same Time
A5. Aeiou
A6. Sahara
B1. Europe
B2. State-Of-The Art
B3. The Finish Line
B4. Detroit Tonight
B5. On The Run
B6. Paceways