Ark Analog 'Dirty Power'

Ark Analog 'Dirty Power'
After releasing their debut single last summer and playing a select number of Canadian dates, Toronto-based electro-pop duo Ark Analog — made up of producer Dan Werb and singer-songwriter Maylee Todd — are finally ready to issue their first-ever EP. The mini-effort is known as Dirty Power, which the band have now shared as a free download.

Down below you can stream the EP and download it here.

Having worked together previously in Henri Fabergé and the Adorables and Werb's own electro-pop act Woodhands, it wasn't until a tour of Turkey that Todd first heard the inklings of a new synthesizer-based side-project. Returning home to Canada, the pair immediately began collaborating on a number of tracks as Ark Analog, taking snippets of out of lengthy jam sessions and converting them into full-fledged dance numbers.

Working with Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan at his Hamilton studio, the two-piece pop act further refined their songs, focusing heavily on the mixing and mastering phase to help give their claustrophobic club hits ample breathing space.

"I think his process is like building [where] everything's got a space and nothing is occupying the same space," Werb tells Exclaim! of recording with Greenspan. "As we've kind of done more work with him, I think we're starting to build that ethos into our songs fundamentally."

Taking its name from the faulty power source both individuals have had to make do with while performing in a number of sketchy clubs and back alley basements over the years (including one show in which an unreliable outlet wiped Werb's entire beat library), the release's title was partly chosen due to the "certain intensity" and "sexy vibe behind" their music, says Werb.

Beginning with the 8-bit arpeggios and Eurotrash keyboard lines of "Make Me a Mirror," Dirty Power surges forward with club-ready stompers ("Was That It") and fashionista-friendly jams ("Second Chance"), before finally powering down with the slow sensuality of EP standout "Late Night Love."

Hear for yourself by listening to the album in the player below, then download it here.

Catch Ark Analog as they perform a select number of dates around Ontario this winter.

Tour dates:

02/07 Toronto, ON – The Great Hall
02/16 Toronto, ON – Sonic Boom (In-Store)
02/20 London, ON – London Museum