Architecture In Helsinki Fingers Crossed

Conspiring with the likes of Asia, Japan and Of Montreal, Architecture In Helsinki get their kicks from leading people to believe they are from one country when they are in fact, from somewhere entirely different. These Aussies don’t exactly use their origin as a tool, so Fingers Crossed works as a boundless collection of soft pop. Comprised of a whopping eight members, this mini-orchestra actually sounds quite minimal at times, considering a multi-functional instrument like the synth, plays a major factor in their songs. The brief introduction, "One Heavy February” could easily be one musician fiddling around with his Casio, while songs that feature more elements (horns, strings, percussion and guitars), do so with a subtle touch that could bamboozle anyone. While the minimalism complements the tweeful pet sounds, the band does suffer from an incredibly short attention span, constantly switching up tempos and pushing too many ideas. To some it may seem like an interesting approach, but it doesn’t quite work because one quarter of the songs barely stretch over the three-minute mark. They could learn a few things from peers such as the Polyphonic Spree, who have mastered the epic pop symphony. (Bar/None)