American Football Tease First New Music in Nearly Two Decades

American Football Tease First New Music in Nearly Two Decades
Reunited Illinois emo outfit American Football's catalogue may soon extend past the '90s, as the band have revealed a snippet of new music in a newly shared trailer.

The quartet have been teasing something through their Twitter account over the last few days. While two videos uploaded over the weekend paired nature sounds with exterior shots of a house, the latest video ventures indoors, where a few crystalline guitar sounds score the camera's journey towards a staircase.
Though nothing has been confirmed just yet, a 2015 interview with the band had guitarist Steve Holmes saying that American Football had been toying with some new tunes.

"We have written a couple new songs, and we have plans to think about writing some more songs," he quipped to NME at the time. "If the songs we write are good, there could be a new album in the pipeline."

American Football's original run included a 1998 EP and the band's 1999 self-titled full-length, which received an expanded reissue in 2014. The band have been maintaining an off-and-on live schedule since then, with the original lineup of Holmes, guitarist/vocalist Mike Kinsella and drummer Steve Lamos now joined by bassist Nate Kinsella.