Alexisonfire's George Pettit Emerges with New Project: Dead Tired

Alexisonfire's George Pettit Emerges with New Project: Dead Tired
Having explored Alexisonfire's complete discography last year with a deluxe vinyl box set, the defunct screamo band's singer George Pettit is apparently ready to move on with a new project. Though the details are slim, the outfit apparently goes by the name of Dead Tired.

  Pettit confirmed the project earlier today (April 10) on his personal Twitter account, reporting:

So far a Twitter account and an Instagram account have been created by Dead Tired, with no tweets posted to the former but a couple of artsy pics posted on the other. One, as you can see up above, features a TV snow-strewn figure of a suit-and-tie type with the tag "TBA" running across his face, while the other is a shot of a broken pane of glass.

Beyond that, little else has been revealed behind the Hamilton-based band, but more will likely be revealed soon.

Following Alexisonfire's initial break-up in 2011, Pettit side-stepped the music business to train to become a firefighter but re-teamed with the group for a farewell tour in 2012.

In other news, Pettit will be showing off his DJ skills at Toronto's Tattoo Queen West on April 19, sharing deck duties with DJ Stu as part of the establishment's Tattoo Saturdays.