Accept "Stampede" (video)

Accept 'Stampede' (video)
As promised, veteran German metal lords Accept have delivered the first official taste of their upcoming Blind Rage with a high-climbing video for "Stampede."

Though we're first treated to a lovely scenic view of a desert landscape, the quintet spare no time stomping into a classic metal chug. There aren't any electrical outlets on those crags, but the Accept dudes are wind-milling out energized old-school riffs all the same.

Mark Tornillo, meanwhile, details the damage the band's been doling out, noting you'll be "flattened by the sound" of their new single. He also screeches out something about throwing us in a mosh pit in hell, which arguably seems safer than circle pitting on their current plateau. It's a long, long way down from those mountains.

Blind Rage will trample you in full August 14 via Nuclear Blast, but you can catch "Stampede" down below.