White Vans Sales Skyrocket Following 'Squid Game' Popularity

The slip-on shoes have seen a 7,800 percent uptick in sales since the Netflix series' premiere last month
White Vans Sales Skyrocket Following 'Squid Game' Popularity
Photo: Netflix
With the possibility of semi-normal Halloween celebrations looming, you can probably expect to see a bunch of matching turquoise jumpsuits trick-or-treating around town — thanks to Netflix's megahit series Squid Game.

To go along with the monochrome outfits seen in the series, it seems we're also bound to see a bunch of fresh white Vans haunting our street corners this spooky season, as sales of the kicks have just spiked by a whopping 7,800 percent.

White Vans in particular have seen a meteoric rise in sales since the September debut of the South Korean dystopian horror-drama, according to Sole Supplier [via Independent]. Meanwhile, white slip-on shoes, in general, have also seen a 97 percent uptick in online searches.

These figures coincide with the popularity of other Squid Game-esque costume items; Amazon's listing for "2021 Hot South Korea Movie Squid Game Merch" has also catapulted itself to the No. 1 bestseller spot in the retailer's women's costumes section.

For the uninitiated, the nine-part Squid Game series follows a group of indebted South Koreans who participate in a Battle Royale-meets-Hunger Games style tournament for a massive cash prize. Participants wear matching blue-green sweatsuits and white slip-on sneakers, while the game masters don red jumpsuits and blackened fencing masks. 

Directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game is poised to be Netflix's most popular series to date. 

Revisit the iconic costumes in the series' trailer below.