Vince Vaughn on His 'Dodgeball' Sequel Idea: "The Studio Likes It"

"I think for all of us if it feels right and it's funny, it would be something to go back to"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Dec 2, 2022

The Dodgeball sequel still has balls er, legs: a year on from original director Rawson Marshall Thurber expressing interest, and after Justin Long voiced his own last month, Vince Vaughn has confirmed an unnamed studio is all-in on a follow-up to the True Underdog Story.

Vaughn gave an update on the possibility of a Dodgeball sequel to The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week (November 30) at a premiere of his raunchy new holiday comedy Christmas with the Campbells, which he co-wrote and produced.

Similar to Long's November brief, Vaughn shared that he and co-star Ben Stiller are open to the idea of returning to respectively lead the rivalry between Average Joe's Gym and Globo Gym, but are cautious of risks that come with such revivals.

"They've always talked about these things forever and I had an idea that was fun and the studio likes it, so we'll see where it goes," Vaughn told THR. "I think Ben is open to doing it, I think he's in the same boat as me actually which is if it's a really fun and great idea then that's fun, but if it's just something to go do it again then why?"

Keeping in the spirit of the season, Vaughn pointed to this year's A Christmas Story Christmas — the sequel to 1983's A Christmas Story he recently produced — as a sequel film that isn't a complete rehash of its predecessor.

"You would just want to make sure going into Dodgeball that it feels like a nice continuation and a story that could stand on its own," Vaughn explained. "I think for all of us if it feels right and it's funny, it would be something to go back to, and if it's not, it's just another idea getting kicked around."

He continued: "I've had so many movies that I've been fortunate with and I never jumped into the sequels for that reason. Because I always felt like if you're just doing it because you think it's a way to get an audience, the problem is you're not going to feel good on the other side of it. So we've waited and I'm sure one of them will make sense, there's some continuation that will work."

Christmas with the Campbells, which stars Long, arrives in select theatres and on AMC+ in the US.

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