​Vancouver Man Trolls Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Summit Attendees by Selling Hot Dog Water

​Vancouver Man Trolls Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Summit Attendees by Selling Hot Dog Water
Vancouver artist Douglas Bevans gave Goop fans an alternative to their usual alternative wellness products over the weekend at the Gwyneth Paltrow-owned company's summit. Dressed in a hot dog onesie, Bevans set up shop selling $38 bottles of hot dog water outside a Goop convention.
That's exactly what it sounds like — a bottle of water that has a hot dog floating around in it. And according to the company's self-proclaimed CEO, it's "keto-compatible" and "improves brain function."
While $38 may seem outrageously expensive, it's hardly an over-the-top price tag for a crowd of people willing to pay $400 for a ticket into the sold-out event from the same company that brought us $18,000 gold dildos and coffee enemas.
But it's more about spreading a message than making money for the man in the hot dog suit.
"We really need to think more critically about what is being sold and what kind of claims are being sold and who is selling it," Bevans told CTV News. "We're all vulnerable in this era, I think. We're all inundated with people claiming things."
Unfortunately, Bevans wasn't able to gain access into the Goop summit, opting instead to sell his dubious health product to passersby. At one point his team did attempt to enter the ticketed event area to distribute samples, but they were turned away.
Part art project, part satire, it's not the first time Bevans and his Hot Dog Water company have targeted Vancouver's wellness-obsessed culture. He previously made headlines for selling his product at the Main Street Car Free Day festival earlier this year.