It Turns Out Linkin Park Really Are Considering a Reunion Tour with a New Vocalist

And yes, Chester Bennington's successor would ideally be a woman

BY Megan LaPierrePublished May 1, 2024

Several weeks ago now, Orgy frontman Jay Gordon recharged the energy around Linkin Park's good name, claiming that he'd heard they were regrouping with a new female vocalist to succeed the late Chester Bennington. Gordon quickly backtracked when his comments went viral, but Billboard reports that the band really are considering a 2025 reunion tour with a woman behind the mic.

Apparently, booking agency WME is taking offers for a possible Linkin Park tour, as well as headlining festival dates. Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson and Dave Farrell would be joined by a yet-to-be-named singer, with sources telling the publication that "the band is hoping to find a female vocalist." 

This pretty perfectly matches the rumours Gordon got swirling with his March 30 appearance on KCAL 96.7's Wired in the Empire with Mike Z — where he said, "It's going to be tough without Chester [Bennington], but we'll see. I hear they got a girl singer now" — despite the fact that he followed up on Facebook by alleging that he "said nothing about knowing any of that and never brought it up."

Said rumours got people speculating, and many decided Evanescence's Amy Lee would be the ideal woman for the gig. While she herself shut down the gossiping last week by saying this was the first she'd heard of any of this, she joked, "They should ask me about that. I don't have a ton of free time, but I might do it part-time."

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