The 'Home Alone' Reboot Is Being Shot in Montreal

The 'Home Alone' Reboot Is Being Shot in Montreal
Like it or not, we're getting a Home Alone reboot, and it's reportedly set to start being filmed in Montreal early next year.

Shooting is expected to start in the Canadian city in early February and run until mid-April, with the new Home Alone film later arriving on Disney+, according to a report from Pop Goes the News.

At this point, few other details are known about the Home Alone reboot — or if OG star Macaulay Culkin (a.k.a. Kevin McAllister) will be involved.

He did poke fun at the film, though, sharing a photo of himself on the couch in his underwear eating takeout with the caption: "This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like."

Last year, Culkin reprised his role as Kevin McAllister and reenacted scenes from the original Home Alone for a Google Home commercial.

The original Home Alone film arrived in 1990.