​Disney Is Rebooting 'Home Alone' and No One Is Happy About It

​Disney Is Rebooting 'Home Alone' and No One Is Happy About It
Disney has announced plans to reboot the Home Alone series.
The announcement comes after Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, and before the launch of its own streaming service called Disney+.
The reboot of the Home Alone series will appear on the forthcoming streaming service, though no official release dates have been revealed and they won't be amongst the first round of shows and movies when Disney+ launches in November.
The original Home Alone films tell the story of Kevin McAllister, who gets left behind at home as his family goes on vacation, and fends off a pair of slapstick burglars known as the Sticky Bandits with his wildly imaginative improvised booby traps.
The series launched Macaulay Culkin into child stardom, though it's unclear if he will have any involvement in the reboots.
In addition to rebooting Home Alone, Disney CEO Bob Iger also revealed that there would be remakes of Night at the Museum, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Cheaper By the Dozen.

Below, see some of the less-than-enthusiastic responses to news of the upcoming remakes.