R.I.P. 'Star Trek' Writer D.C. Fontana

Dorothy Catherine Fontana has passed away at the age of 80
R.I.P. 'Star Trek' Writer D.C. Fontana
D.C. Fontana — an original writer for Star Trek — has died. Fontana passed away peacefully on Monday (December 2) following a short illness. She was 80 years old.

Born Dorothy Catherine Fontana, she was credited with writing 11 episodes of and being "the mind behind" Star Trek's original series. She also wrote many episodes for the franchise's many other series including The Next Generation, The Animated Series, Deep Space Nine and more.

Fontana was credited with creating some of the key elements of Star Trek alongside showrunner Gene Roddenberry. In her later career, she would go on to work on Logan's Run, ReBoot, Dallas and dozens of other productions. She also was employed as a senior lecturer at the American Film Institute.

Trekkies and non-trekkies alike have paid tribute to the influential writer. See some of their messages below.