Patrick Stewart Says 'Logan' Is His Final X-Men Movie

Patrick Stewart Says 'Logan' Is His Final X-Men Movie
We already know that James Mangold's upcoming film Logan will mark the last time Hugh Jackman plays Wolverine. However, that's not the only X-Men character we're saying goodbye to, as Sir Patrick Stewart has revealed it's the last time he'll play Professor Charles Xavier.

Stewart opened up about his retirement from the franchise on a recent interview with The Graham Norton Show [via IFP].

"Last week we were at a screening in Berlin sitting next to each other and when it got to the very emotional ending and I noticed Hugh wipe away a tear, then I did the same and during the credits he held my hand and I was done, I was weeping and sobbing," Stewart said. "While the credits were rolling I realized that if it was the end, there was no more perfect and beautiful way to say, 'au revoir, goodbye, adios.' So I think it is the end for me too. Why would I want to have another go of it after what we have done in this movie?"

Though Patrick Stewart has been with the X-Men franchise since 2000, it looks like he'll spend more time focused on his other projects — like playing a talking piece of poo in The Emoji Movie.

Logan arrives in theatres on March 3. You can find the trailer in the player below.