Mike Richards Will No Longer Host 'Jeopardy!'

While he remains executive producer, the search for a successor to Alex Trebek is back on
Mike Richards Will No Longer Host 'Jeopardy!'
Photo: Jeopardy!
Mike Richards — the Jeopardy! executive producer who has been dogged by resurfaced lawsuits and scandal in the nine days following his appointment as the show's new host — will no longer succeed Alex Trebek as the quizmaster of the popular gameshow.

While he will remain executive producer, Sony Pictures Television confirmed today that Richards agreed to step away from hosting duties. Richards wrote in a respective statement that the recent backlash created "too much of a distraction for our fans," and that succeeding the late Trebek was "not the right move for the show."

Following a report that he was in "advanced negotiations" to become host of Jeopardy!, Richards addressed a series of lawsuits from his time as a producer on The Price Is Right alleging discrimination.

After he was revealed as permanent syndicated host on August 11, a damning report from The Ringer revealed that Richards had made disparaging comments about disabled people, women, Jewish people, Haiti, poor people and more as a host of podcast The Randumb Show in 2013 and 2014.

"We support Mike's decision to step down as host," Sony Pictures TV said [via Variety]. "We were surprised this week to learn of Mike's 2013/2014 podcast and the offensive language he used in the past.  We have spoken with him about our concerns and our expectations moving forward."

Richards' full statement can be found below. Jeopardy! will now select a new round of guest hosts to tape episodes for the show's 38th year in syndication next month.