Justin Long Abandons Apple, Is a PC Guy Now

The actor has switched sides in a new ad campaign for Intel
Justin Long Abandons Apple, Is a PC Guy Now
Justin Long is no longer a Mac guy. The actor has officially switched sides to PC and is now the face of Intel's new ad campaign where he appears as "a Justin," a play on the Apple ads of yore that saw Long introducing himself as "a Mac."

In a five-part campaign, Long describes himself as a "real person doing a real comparison between Mac and PC," and shows off the many features of PC laptops that Macs lack (according to Intel, anyway).

In one clip, Long takes a look at an array of PCs and says, "Oh yeah, Intel! Nice. My face just unlocked that, that's so cool. And I've never seen a screen like that on a laptop," before moving on to a lineup of MacBooks to say with disappointment, "So these are the newer Macs? Okay. So, gray and gray-er."

The "Go PC" campaign also compares gaming capabilities, touch screens, Mac dongles and more. It's a clever take on the classic 2000s Apple original, but at the same time, Long's betrayal has us wondering if we can even trust him at this point.

Watch the new PC-backing Apple-betraying Long in the ads below.