Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Kevin Smith's Disgusting Sex Tweet

A decade plus and the tweet still pOwns our brains

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jul 9, 2019

Decades into his career, prolific filmmaker Kevin Smith has written thousands if not millions of words. Still, none have resonated quite as profoundly as the anniversary tweet he shared on July 9, 2009 — ostensibly as a happy anniversary greeting for his wife.
It was the grotesque display of love heard around the world, and the tweet has since spawned endless memes, lamentations at its very existence and, perhaps most commonly, utter bafflement from those whose feeds are cursed with its retweets. And today, it has turned 10.

Not to overshadow the equally impressive 20 year anniversary of Smith's marriage, the fact that this tweet has stayed up, undeleted, for a full decade is a sheer wonder. And that fact is not lost on Smith, who celebrated its 10th anniversary while doubling down on his initial prose:
It's comforting to note that over the course of a decade, Smith has learned to spell "pwn." After all, the word "pOwn" was somehow among the most upsetting turns of phrase in the initial tweet.

As an added bonus on this momentous occasion, revisit Smith's tweets adapted into Radiohead's "Fitter, Happier" below. 

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