Elijah Wood Wants to Make a 'Grand Theft Auto' Film Adaptation

Elijah Wood Wants to Make a 'Grand Theft Auto' Film Adaptation
After pop singer Lorde endured 10 spicy wings without flinching last month, actor Elijah Wood is in the hot seat for the season finale of everyone's favourite internet show, First We Feast's Hot Ones, where he's shared his desire to adapt Grand Theft Auto from game to movie. 

During the challenge, the Lord of the Rings star, who was promoting his newest film No Man of God, spoke to host Sean Evans about his video game background — from being the voice of Spyro the Dragon, to appearing in God of War

Evans asked what video game Wood thinks he is ready to see on the big screen, and the actor mentioned the mega-popular Grand Theft Auto franchise.

"The universe of GTA lends itself beautifully to a screen adaptation or a TV show," he answered. "I think Vice City could be amazing although that already is sort of inspired by Miami Vice. But, GTA V I mean, the kinds of characters that are present within the context of that game very much lends itself either to a film or a TV series. That would be amazing."

Wood also spoke about Resident Evil, saying he thought it was "a shame" that the film series didn't translate more material from the game's universe. He noted, however, that he was looking forward to the latest adaptation. Evans and Wood also chatted about the "immersive" quality of horror games like Silent Hill as opposed to the "passive" experience of watching a film. 

Who knows — maybe we'll see Wood immersing himself in some auto theft on the big screen in the near future.   

Watch Wood get in a good sweat while eating incredibly hot wings below. 

No Man of God will be released on August 27 in theatres and VOD.