​Actor Charles Levin Believed to Be Found Dead in Oregon

​Actor Charles Levin Believed to Be Found Dead in Oregon
Remains found in Oregon are believed to be those of actor Charles Levin, known for starring in TV shows like Alice and Hill Street Blues, as well as appearing on Seinfeld and Night Court. The 70-year-old was reported missing by his son on July 8.
According to a release last week from Grants Pass Department of Public Safety seeking information on the actor's location and well-being, Levin owned an orange 2012 Fiat and was nearly always with his pug named Boo Boo Bear.
On Friday (July 12), rescue teams sectioned off a search area near Selma, OR, located from a cellphone ping. A resident found Levin's car on what the Associated Press calls "an almost impassable road."
Inside the car, crews found the remains of Levin's dog. Human remains were found nearby.
The Department of Public Safety said there is a "high probability" that the remains are those of Levin. A medical examiner is expected to identify the remains.
Levin appeared in films like Annie Hall, Manhattan and This Is Spinal Tap, and TV shows including Alice, Hill Street Blues, Karen's Song, Capital News, NYPD Blue, Night Court and Seinfeld.
His last credit was in the 1998 film A Civil Action.
Revisit his memorable appearance as the Mohel in Seinfeld below.